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Das Fundament des Bartendings – historische Bücher in Zeiten des Internets Teil 6: Literatur nach der Prohibition bis zum Eintritt der USA in den 2. Weltkrieg (1934 – 1941)

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In diesem Beitrag betrachten wir die Bar-Bücher, die nach der Prohibition erschienen. Die Barkultur war durch die Prohibition geschwächt, da nicht mehr viele Bartender des alten Schlags zur Verfügung standen, und kann schwerlich an vergangene Zeiten anknüpfen. Mit dem Eintritt der USA in den Zweiten Weltkrieg erfolgte eine weitere Zäsur.

Aufgrund der zahlreichen zur Verfügung stehenden Publikationen erfolgt die Veröffentlichung in mehreren Teilen, die sich wie folgt gestalten:

[1934] American Traveling Mixologists (Charles C. Mueller, Al Hoppe Sr., A. V. Guzman & James Cunningham): Pioneers of Mixing at Elite Bars 1903-1933. Neuauflage der 1934 erschienenen Originalversionen: The Complete and Annotated Edition: Gins, Cognac Brandy, Rums, Irish & Scotch Whiskies, Rye & Bourbon Whiskies, Liqueurs & Cordials, Wines. Mixellany Limited, London, 2009. ISBN 978-0-9821074-3-0.

Der Band mit Gin ist erhältlich unter

[1934] Anonymus: 100 Famous Cocktails. Published in collaboration with Oscar of The Waldorf. 2. Printing, New York, Kenilworth Press, 1934.

[1934] Anonymus: A Life-Time Collection of 688 Recipes for Drinks. London, Herbert Jenkins Limited, 1934. Anmerkung: Dies ist ein Nachdruck von Straubs Buch „Drinks“ aus dem jahr 1914.

[1934] Anonymus: Angostura Recipes. Ohne Ort, ohne Jahr.

[1934] Anonymus: Apple Jack. How to Serve and a Collection of Celebrated Recipes. 1. Auflage. Herausgegeben von Laird & Company, Februar 1934.

[1934] Anonymus: Bar La Florida, Cocktails. Obispo y Monserrate, La Habana, Cuba, o.J.

[1934] Anonymus: Sloppy Joe’s Cocktails Manual. Havana, 1934.

[1934] Anonymus: The Complete Bartender’s Guide. How to Mix Drinks. A Manual of Quick Reference. 1934 Edition. Chicago, The Charles T. Powner Co., 1934

[1934] Anonymus: The Masterly Touch. Canada Dry Ginger Ale Incorporated, 1934

[1934] Anonymus: The Mixer of Beverages, Wines, Liquors. How and When To Serve Beverages With Meals. Over 100 Recipes of the Almost Forgotten Art. Boston, North Station Liquor Mart, ohne Jahr.

[1934] Anonymus: What goes with what. New York, Simplex Textured Reproductions, 1934.

[1934] Bengamin Gayelord Hauser: Here’s How to Be Healthy. New York, Tempo Books Inc., 1934.

[1934] Charles Nicholas Reinhardt: Punches and Cocktails. New edition, revised and enlarged. New York, Arden Book Company, 1934

[1934] G. F. Steele: My New Cocktail Book. 2. Auflage. New York City, Eigenverlag, 1934.

[1934] Harry Jerrold Gordon: Gordon’s Cocktail and Food Recipes. Canapes and Tastybits for the Cocktail Hour. The Etiquette of Serving Wines and Liquors. Boston, C. H. Simonds Company, 1934.

[1934] Harry Johnson: The New and Improved Illustrated Bartenders‘ Manual or: How to Mix Drinks of the Present Style, Containing Valuable Instructions and Hints by the Author in Reference to the Management of a Bar, a Hotel and a Restaurant; also a Large List of Mixed Drinks, including American, British, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, etc., with Illustrations and a Comprehensive Description of Bar Utensils, Wines, Liquors, Ales, Mixtures, etc., etc. Revised Edition. Newark, Charles E. Graham & Co., 1934.

[1934] Ira A. Altschul: Drinks as They Were Made Before Prohibition. Santa Barbara, 1934

[1934] Irvin S. Cobb: Irvin S. Cobb’s Own Recipe Book. Louisville & Baltimore, Frankfort Distilleries Incorporated, 1934.

[1934] Jean Robert Meyer: „Bottoms Up“. New York, The John Robert Meyer Studio, 1934

[1934] Magnus Bredenbek: What Shall We Drink? Popular Drinks, Receipes, and Toasts. London, T. Werner Laurie Ltd., 1934.

[1934] Patrick Gavin Duffy: The Official Mixer’s Manual. New York, Ray Long & Richard R. Smith, ohne Jahr.

Das Buch läßt sich für Ende 1933 nachweisen durch einen Eintrag in den „Library of Congress‘ Catalog of Copyright Entries“. Das offizielle Copyright wurde bestätigt für den 2. Januar 1934. [1] (nur Anzeige)

[1934] Tom and Jerry: How to Mix Drinks. Washington, Maxine Publishing Company, 1934.

[1934] William T. Boothby: „Cocktail Bill“ Boothby’s World Drinks and How to Mix Them.  San Francisco, The Recorder Printing & Publishing Co., 1934.

[1935] Albert Stevens Crockett: The Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book. With Amendments due to Repeal of the XVIIIth. Giving the Correct Recipes for Five Hundred Cocktails and Mixed Drinks known and served at the Wolrd’s Most Famous Brass Rail before Prohibition, together with More than One Hundred Established Formulas for Cocktails and Other Beverages, Originated while Prohibition was in Effect. The Whole Flavored with Dashes of History Mixed in a Shaker of Anecdote and Served with a Chaser of Illuminative Information. New York, Eigenverlag, 1935.

[1935] Anonymus: A Guide to Cooling Hot-Weather Drinks. Ohne Ort, Calvert, ohne Jahr.

[1935] Anonymus: Cocktail Memoirs of Fresco Lime. A tart and aromatic fruit of the West Indies. New York, American Lime Corporation, ohne Jahr.

[1935] Anonymus: Cocktails Recommended. Baltimore, Calvert-Maryland Distilling Co., 1935.

[1935] Anonymus: Bar La Florida Cocktails. La Habana, Obispo y Monserrate, ohne Jahr.

[1935] Anonymus: Fancy Drinks. How to Mix Them. Buffalo, Pulsam Co., 1935.

[1935] Anonymus: For Home Use. A book of reference on many subjects relative to the table. Dritte Auflage. Port-of-Spain, Angostura Bitters Ltd., 1935.

[1935] Anonymus: Sloppy Joes Cocktail Manual. Havana, Sloppy Joe’s Bar,1935.

[1935] Gustav Selmer Fougner: Along the Wine Trail. An Anthology of Wines and Spirits. Boston, The Stratford Company, 1935

[1935] John Held: Peychaud’s New Orleans Cocktails. Ohne Ort, 1935.

[1935] O. Blunier: The Barkeeper’s Golden Book. The exquisite Book of American Drinks. Zürich, Morgarten-Verlag A.G., 1935.

[1935] Sterling North & Carl Kroch: So Red The Nose or Breath in the Afternoon or Breath in the Afternoon. Cocktail Recipes by 30 Leading Authors. New York, Farrar & Rinehart inc., 1935.

[1936] Anonymus: Cocktails and Appetizers. New York, The Keystone Publishing Company, ohne Jahr.

[1936] Anonymus: Cocktails, Drinks and Snacks. Lowville, Lewis County Publishing Co., 1936.

[1936] Anonymus: Exclusive Cocktails From the Recipes of Usher’s Hotel. 2. Auflage. Sidney, Usher’s Hotel, 1936.

[1936] Anonymus: Sloppy Joe’s Cocktails Manual. Havana, 1936.

[1936] Elvezio Grassi: 1000 Misture. Bologna, Licino Capelli, 1936.

[1936] Frank Meier: The Artistry of Mixing Drinks. Paris, Fryam Press, 1936.


[1936] Raymond Porta Mingot: Gran Manual de Cocktails. Ohne Ort, 1936.

[1937] Anonymus: Bar Florida Cocktails. La Habana, Obispo y Monserrate, ohne Jahr.

[1937] Anonymus: Here’s how. Being a Symposium of Receipes of Good Cheer … A Dictionary for the Wine Connoisseur and a Most Helpful Guide to the Host and Hostess Who May or May Not Posses a Wine Cellar or Cocktail Bar. 2. Auflage. London, Victoria Wine Co. Ltd., 1937.

[1937] John R. Iverson: Liquid Gems. A Book of Drinks for the Fastidious Drinker. Ohne Ort, Eigenverlag, 1937.

[1937] Julio Castro: Autococktail „Castro“. Recetario moderno para la preparacion de toda clase de cocktails. 450 cocktails diferentes. Buenos Aires, 1937.

[1937] Stanley Clisby Arthur: Famous New Orleans Drinks and how to mix ‚em. Nouvelle Orleans, Harmanson, 1937. [2]

[1937] United Kingdom Bartenders Guild: Approved Cocktails. London, Pall Mall ltd., ohne Jahr.


[1937] William J. Tarling: Café Royal Cocktail Book. Coronation Edition. London, Pall Mall Ltd.,1937.


[1938] Anonymus: 99 recetas de miniaturas para el copetin. Ohne Ort, Pini Hnos. & Cía. Ltda., ohne Jahr.

[1938] Anonymus: Cocktails. Mixed Drinks as served at the Cafe-Bar Martinique. 6. Auflage. New York, Hotel Martinique Broadway, 1938.

[1938] Anonymus: Sloppy Joe’s Cocktail Manual. Havana, 1938.

[1938] Anonymus: The Cocktail Hour. London, Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, 1938.

[1938] Anonymus: The Merry Mixer. New York, Schenley Products Co., 1938.

[1938] Jean Lupoiu: Cocktails. Paris, Les Œuvres Françaises, 1938.

[1938] Stanley Clisby Arthur: Famous New Orleans Drinks and how to mix ‚em. Third Printing. Nouvelle Orleans, Harmanson, 1938.

Dies ist der Nachdruck der Erstauflage von 1937.


[1939] Anonymus: Bar La Florida Cocktails. Ohne Ort, Ohne Jahr.

[1939] Anonymus: Cuna del Daiquiri Cocktail. La Habana, ohne Jahr.

[1939] Anonymus: Floridita Cocktails. Ohne Ort, Ohne Jahr.

[1939] Anonymus: Sloppy Joe’s Cocktail Manual. Havana, 1939.

[1939] Charles H. Baker, Jr.: The Gentleman’s Companion, Volume II. Being an Exotic Drink Book or, Around the World With a Jigger, Beaker and Flask. Including: A personally collected Regiment of World-Famous Lively Liquid Masterpieces from Greater & Lesser Ports of Orient & Occident, & the South Seas. Not Forgetting: The Proper & Civilized Service of Beverages with Foods, together with Proven Formulae for Home Construction of Certain Bitters, Wines, Meads & Cordials; a Meaty Kernel of Advice for Those Departing for the Bars, & in the Last a Sextet of Temperance Delights, & a Platoon of Picker-Uppers of Proven Worth & Discretion. New York, The Derrydale Press, 1939.

[1940] Anonymus: Libro de cocina. Buenos Aires, Cía Sansinena Soc. Anón., 1940.

[1940] Anonymus: Recipes. Chicago, Chicago Bartenders and Beverage Dispensers‘ Union, 1940.

[1940] Anonymus: Sloppy Joe’s Cocktail Manual. Havana, 1940. Anmerkung: Ohne die Seiten 25-31.

[1940] Patrick Gavin Duffy: The Official Mixer’s Manual. The Standard Guide for Professional and Amateur Bartenders Throughout the World. New York, Blue Ribbon Books, 1940. Anmerkung: Die Erstauflage erschien 1934.

[1940] Pedro Talavera: Los secretos del cocktail. Madrid, Gráhcas Afrodisio Aguado S. A., 1940.

[1941] Anonymus: Book of Hospitality. Ohne Ort, Gooderham & Worts Limited, ohne Jahr.

[1941] Anonymus: Especialidades del mundo. Ohne Ort, Peters Hnos. S.A. y Avilés, Moroni S.A., ohne Jahr.

[1941] W. C. Whitfield: Here’s How. Mixed Drinks. Asheville, Three Mountaineers inc., 1941. (nur Ansicht)

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